Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why so much political violence?

Dear Colleagues

Why is there so much political violence? Why do politicians pay so much to get elected?

There is probably a link between these two questions ... and the link is the underlying dysfunction of the political system and the opportunities for power and money making associated with high political office.

Without the benefits of corruption, there would be no point in the violence and no point in the high cost campaigning. But it is clear that being a winner in a political campaign for high office is financially very rewarding ... and presumably justifies the money spent.

When winning is so valuable ... it is not difficult to understand how "anything goes" can easily spill over into political violence as recently experience in Pakistan and now ongoing in Kenya.

The Tr-Ac-Net approach to socio-economic accountability will help to make corruption less effective as a way of making political office the dream way of accumulating personal wealth and power. Corruption thrives when it is invisible. With good public accounting, there should be correct use of resources, and less flagrant abuse.

Is this a dream? I would argue no more than being able to fly? It is just a matter of deploying the right technology and working at it.


Peter Burgess
The Tr-Ac-Net Organization

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